Press release 05/2010

Autorlando’s win in race 1 with the new GT3 R good start in Super Gt as well tank to Roda / Lietz in un in a not so easy week end race.

42 cars launched the 2010 International GT Open Championship at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, unfortunately under bad weather conditions. The Pedrengo based team has been lining up since Wednesday two 997 GT3 RSR for the GT2/Super GT class (driven by Lietz/ Roda and Moro/Kaufmann) plus a brand new 997 GT3 R for the GT3 class/GTS, driven by Deverikos and Gruber. After a difficult start, caused by the rainy conditions, the crews finally got a good setup for the wet track.
First qualifying session starts on Saturday morning ends with Deverikos in 8th absolute position (4th of his class), while Roda and Moro end in 20th position and 22nd position. Same end for the second qualifying afternoon session, still slippery and wet: Lietz classified 14th , Gruber 17th and Kaufmann 18th .
Great race 1 performance for the Italian team: Roda and Lietz end their race in third position, while the beginner GT3 R obtains a great win droven by Dimitris Deverikos and Thomas Gruber. Unfortunately, the car #3 driven by Moro and Kaufmann ends its race in 25th position, after a great run of Wolfgang Kaufmann. Sunday schedule is a bit different for this event: GTS class and Super GT class are divided in two different races.
The first one, valid for the GTS class, is once again influenced by a strong rain and difficult tarmac conditions. The GT3 R spun right round during the third lap, but can finally get 5 position and finish second in the overall GTS standing of this first round, with 10 points gained in this weekend. In race 2, Richard Lietz gains 5 places from the 8th position. On the other side Kaufmann drove a very good lap sequence till the 10th position, but unfortunately his team mate Luca Moro gave up when there are 3 laps to go.
Next round will take place at the legendary Nurburgring race track: the meeting is on the 1st of May for the second round of the International GT Open Championship.

Overall GT Open:
1. Barba-Kaffer, 44; 2. Ceccato-Salucci, 25; 3.Roda-Lietz, 24; 4.Giao-Lopez

Standing GTS:
1.Ceccato-Salucci, 13; 2.Matthews-Tiemann, Deverikos-Gruber, 10; 4.Livio-Bontempelli

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