International GT Open Magny-Cours

International GT Open Magny-Cours: finally Autorlando-Sport gets the first victory!

Fifth round for the International GT Open 2010 at the French circuit of Magny-Cours, AutorlandoSport won race 2 with Roda / Lietz and now the gap from the top of the drivers’ championship is only 8 points. In the GT3 class Gruber / Deverikos climb onto the lowest step of the podium and keep the 3rd place in the drivers’ standings.

In race 1 Roda starts 12th and Gruber 13th. Both started well, keeping the position, then Roda begins a thrilling comeback that led him to overcome 6 cars. Meanwhile Gruber, 3rd in his class, is victim of a crash caused by Gene and is forced to retire. When Roda leaves the car to Lietz, the Austrian is, due to the handicap of 15 s, in eighth position. Lap after lap, Richard is always the fastest on the track and reaches the fourth position, a position from which to see the chequered flag. Narac and Pilet win, followed by the Ferraris driver by Giammaria / Toccacelo and Barba / Kaffer. In race2 the front row has only Porsche, with Lietz on pole beside Pilet, while Deverikos is 9 th.

Excellent start by Autorlando-Sport’s Porsche which, hammering a fast lap after another, leaves Pilet behind of 5s. Meanwhile Deverikos, 3rd in his class, is in brawl with Guerrero but he can not overtake.

After the driver change window thanks to the lower handicap Roda’s advantage over Narac is of 15s and Gruber is 2nd. Roda was as fast as Narac so he doesn’t lose a thousandth of second, while the more experienced Ortelli recovers both Gruber and Bamford and overtakes them, thus he wins the race. So the podium sees Roda / Lietz followed by Narac / Pilet and Barba / Kaffer, while in the GT3 class win Dayrut / Ortelli followed by Bamford / Griffin and Gruber / Deverikos.

The latest rankings give Barba / Kaffer lead with eight points ahead Roda / Lietz, 22 on Narac / Pilet and 35 on Giammaria / Toccacelo, while in the GT3 class Dayrut / Ortelli lead with 2 points ahead Frezza / Couceiro , 15 on Gruber / Deverikos and 18 on Livio / Bontempelli. As you can see, the fight for victory is still very close in both classes and Autorlando-Sport is featured on both fronts.

Next event for the Team Autorlando sport will be in Mugello for the Italian GT championship on July 25th, while the International Open GT will be next September 17 to 19 weekends in the British circuit of Brands Hatch.

Overall / General 1. Barba – Kaffer, 144 p 2. Roda – Lietz 136 3. Narac-Pilet 122 4. Giammaria – Toccacelo 109 5. Niarchos – Mullen 92

GTS 1. Dayraut 58 p 2. Frezza-Couceiro 56 3. Gruber – Deverikos 43 4. Ortelli 40 5. Livio – Bontempelli 40

Teams / Equipos Super GT
1. AF Corse 69 p 2. Autorlando Sport 58 3. IMSA Performance 54  4. Edil Cris Racing Team 47 5. CRS Racing 38

Team / Equipos GTS
1. Kessel Racing 112 p 2. Luxury Racing/Dayraut 61 3. Autorlando Sport 43 4. Villois Racing 26 5. RPM 24