Glorax, Paul Ricard testing, 15/3/2015

Paul Ricard testing

Test for Ferrari team Glorax in official Blancpain endurance series in Paul Ricard, 15/3/2015

Glorax - Ferrari, Dubai 24 hours

Dubai 24 hours

Glorax Racing has added Isaac Tutumlu, Gabriele Lancieri and Dimitri Deverikos to its lineup, which already had Andrey Birzhin Alexandrovich and Rino Mastronardi confirmed. Deverikos is the 2005 British GT GT3 champion, while 39-year-old Lancieri competed in the Italian GT championship in recent years.

Cruel luck ends the dream of Dimitis Deverikos

After spending 2014 away from the race tracks due to business commitments, Dimitris Deverikos had a plan for starting the 2015 season with a bang! Having already claimed two highly prestigious national GT titles (British in 2005 and Spanish Iber in 2013) there was still one major landmark missing from his long racing CV: participation in a major 24 hours race. Therefore when the opportunity presented to join his team mate from the successful 2013 Spanish Iber & Euro GT Open campaign Isaac Tutumlu for the Dubai 24 hours in the newly formed Glorax Racing team he literally jumped at it. Joining them in the Ferrari 458 Italia GT3, that was spotting the colors of Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens, were experienced Italian racers Gabriele Lancieri, Rino Mastronardi as well as team owner Andrey Birzhin Alexandrovich. The crew, under the technical management of fellow Greek Giannoulis Kafetzis, started well on Wednesday’s open test by posting the 8th fastest time out of 24 entrants in the strongly contested A6 (i.e. GT3) class.
Dimitris equaled this achievement on Thursday’s final free practice session, a great performance given that this was his first experience of the daunting 5390 meters race track. Things were looking well for the Glorax Racing team as they entered qualifying and indeed their strong level was evident on the first half of the session where Alexandrovich posted the 6th fastest time! For the second and final half of the session it was Tutumlu’s turn to take the wheel and indeed the Spaniard improved as he was fighting hard for a place in the top 10. Unfortunately, it was then that disaster struck: braking hard from 240 kph Tutumlu found oil that the marshals failed to warn about. A big crash was unavoidable and unfortunately another two cars joined in sympathy creating a very expensive crash scene. The damage on the Ferrari was substantial and crucially impossible to fix until the race’s start leaving the team no option but to retire their entry.
The 24 hours dream of Dimitris may have to wait a little longer to be fulfilled, however with the continued support of Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens, he has an exciting season to look forward and move on with his next racing challenge!


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International Open GT with D. Deverikos


AUTORLANDO SPORT CONFIRMS HIS PROGRAM IN THE INTERNATIONAL OPEN GT WITH DIMITRIS DEVERIKOS AND ISAAC TUTUMLU ON PORSCHE GT3 R EVO 2013Hard and important months have spent in meeting and discussion have not interrupted the original plan of the team in the International Open GT with a Porsche GT3 R evo 2013.

The only Porsche GT3 R in Gts will be showed on Paul Ricard starting grid on April 26/28 with Isaac Tutumlu (Kudi-Spanish nationality) and Dimitris Deverikos (Greek), drivers that will drive a un-discussible car, they will have to afford 16th competitors (11 Ferraris, 2 Mclaren, 1 Mosler, 1 Aston Martin and 1 Mercedes).

Orlando Redolfi (team manager, owner and founder of Autorlando Sport) remains the only one in Gts to defend Porsche brand , and he is proud to compete in this important project, sure to have competitively from drivers and car in his side.

The driver Isaac Tutumlu says: “ I am very happy to be racing with such a competitive and winning team as Autorlando, they have been working as Porsche Official team and nowadays they still have the support from the Brand of Weissach, that means we will have for sure competivie material. Regarding my team mate, I have nevere raced with him but I have seen his CV and it he did some good positions in the past at the GT Open and FIA GT as well, so I am sure he will also help a lot the team to achieve the objectives. The GT Open has every time more media impact and many professional drivers coming from GP2 and F1 are joining the championship, what means it will not be easy to fight against them, but as usual my goal is to win the championship in the GTS Class.”

The races will be in live streaming and on RAI SPORT and Primo Canale on Saturday at 16.00 and Sunday at 12.20. Enjoy the show!




Paul Ricard


Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, Portimão




Circuit de Catalunya (Barcelona)

International GT Open in Monza

International GT Open in Monza: Autorlando-sport does not collect as hoped

Seventh round for the International GT Open 2010 at Monza circuit, Autorlando-sport does not go beyond fifth place in Race 1 and fourth place in race 2 with Roda / Lietz; Gruber / Deverikos rather close with two sixth places. In Race1 Lietz started tenth and Gruber eighteenth. Both started well, maintaining their positions. Lietz unfortunately is unable to show the usual superlative race and gets into the pits for the driver change after only one overtaking. The same goes for Gruber, leaving the steering to Deverikos sixth of his class. Roda comes out of the box and try to maintain the fifth position but is remounted by Pilet. Under the chequered flag he is sixth overall and fifth in class. Deverikos is fourth but suffers a puncture and stopped in the pits to change tires. During the pit exit he crosses the white line that runs parallel to the straight line: the penalty is immediate and takes the form of a drive-through. He will end sixth in his class. The winners are Giammaria / Toccacelo, followed by Barba / Kaffer and Peter / Bronizewsky.

In race2 Roda starts eleventh and Deverikos thirteenth. In the chaos of the start Deverikos cut the first chicane and was forced to slow down and return the positions he gained. Meanwhile Roda, author of a great start, gained two positions. Deverikos, sixth, is unable to gain positions and Roda maintains ninth place. After the driver change Gruber was third, closely followed by Lanceri. He holds on for two laps then, due to engine problem, he is overtaken. A few more laps and arrives Dayraut. The two cars begin a long duel that leads them to cut the second chicane, for car number 65 from Autorlando-Sport is the second time and then the penalty is immediate: to the race time is added the time that takes a drive through and this costs the loss of another position: even in this race, the Porsche GT3 R finished sixth.
Meanwhile Lietz, seventh out of the pits, starts dueling with Frezza. The fight slows them down and causes them to be reached by Guerrero. The Aston Martin overtakes the Ferrari and Porsche and earns the fourth place overall, while Lietz can only overtake Frezza and pass under the checquered flag in fifth place. The ranking is fourth thanks to a penalty of twenty seconds imposed on Guerrero. Narac / Pilet win, Giammaria / Toccacelo are second and third Mullen / Christodolou.

The latest rankings see Barba / Kaffer in leading with 12 points ahead of Narac / Pilet, followed by Giammaria / Toccacelo separated by 3 points, fourth Roda / Lietz separated by another 12. In the GTS class in the lead is Dayrut with 8 points ahead of Livio / Bontempelli, 10 onFrezza / Couceiro and 30 on Gruber / Deverikos.

As is evident, both titles will be awarded Sunday, October 31st in Barcelona circuit.

International GT Open Magny-Cours

International GT Open Magny-Cours: finally Autorlando-Sport gets the first victory!

Fifth round for the International GT Open 2010 at the French circuit of Magny-Cours, AutorlandoSport won race 2 with Roda / Lietz and now the gap from the top of the drivers’ championship is only 8 points. In the GT3 class Gruber / Deverikos climb onto the lowest step of the podium and keep the 3rd place in the drivers’ standings.

In race 1 Roda starts 12th and Gruber 13th. Both started well, keeping the position, then Roda begins a thrilling comeback that led him to overcome 6 cars. Meanwhile Gruber, 3rd in his class, is victim of a crash caused by Gene and is forced to retire. When Roda leaves the car to Lietz, the Austrian is, due to the handicap of 15 s, in eighth position. Lap after lap, Richard is always the fastest on the track and reaches the fourth position, a position from which to see the chequered flag. Narac and Pilet win, followed by the Ferraris driver by Giammaria / Toccacelo and Barba / Kaffer. In race2 the front row has only Porsche, with Lietz on pole beside Pilet, while Deverikos is 9 th.

Excellent start by Autorlando-Sport’s Porsche which, hammering a fast lap after another, leaves Pilet behind of 5s. Meanwhile Deverikos, 3rd in his class, is in brawl with Guerrero but he can not overtake.

After the driver change window thanks to the lower handicap Roda’s advantage over Narac is of 15s and Gruber is 2nd. Roda was as fast as Narac so he doesn’t lose a thousandth of second, while the more experienced Ortelli recovers both Gruber and Bamford and overtakes them, thus he wins the race. So the podium sees Roda / Lietz followed by Narac / Pilet and Barba / Kaffer, while in the GT3 class win Dayrut / Ortelli followed by Bamford / Griffin and Gruber / Deverikos.

The latest rankings give Barba / Kaffer lead with eight points ahead Roda / Lietz, 22 on Narac / Pilet and 35 on Giammaria / Toccacelo, while in the GT3 class Dayrut / Ortelli lead with 2 points ahead Frezza / Couceiro , 15 on Gruber / Deverikos and 18 on Livio / Bontempelli. As you can see, the fight for victory is still very close in both classes and Autorlando-Sport is featured on both fronts.

Next event for the Team Autorlando sport will be in Mugello for the Italian GT championship on July 25th, while the International Open GT will be next September 17 to 19 weekends in the British circuit of Brands Hatch.

Overall / General 1. Barba – Kaffer, 144 p 2. Roda – Lietz 136 3. Narac-Pilet 122 4. Giammaria – Toccacelo 109 5. Niarchos – Mullen 92

GTS 1. Dayraut 58 p 2. Frezza-Couceiro 56 3. Gruber – Deverikos 43 4. Ortelli 40 5. Livio – Bontempelli 40

Teams / Equipos Super GT
1. AF Corse 69 p 2. Autorlando Sport 58 3. IMSA Performance 54  4. Edil Cris Racing Team 47 5. CRS Racing 38

Team / Equipos GTS
1. Kessel Racing 112 p 2. Luxury Racing/Dayraut 61 3. Autorlando Sport 43 4. Villois Racing 26 5. RPM 24